Stepsisters A Joker

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Rose Winters has made the decision to tease Jay Romero, her stepbrother. As she gets her shorts on, she begins to scream in pain, and Jay soon arrives. Rose pleads with Jay to run his hand down her shorts to free her from her pubic hair that is stuck in the zipper. Jay agrees to Rose’s request unwillingly, but Rose quickly grabs his hand and begins yelling for her mother to try to get him in trouble. Rose requests that Jay show her his dick after he promises to do anything she wants as long as she stops attempting to get her into trouble. Rose then forces Jay to leave her room.

The following morning, Rose is getting ready as Jay approaches her in the corridor. Jay pulls out his hardon while keeping an eye on via the open door and begins thumping the meat. Rose shouts that she was just kidding about wanting to see Jay’s dick and that she knows he’s there. Rose jumps onto the bed when Jay calls her a taunting bitch and pulls up her miniskirt to properly tease him with her stepsister pussy. Jay accepts her offer and smuggles it into her small cooch.

Rose wants to suck Jay’s dick as much as she enjoys having him hit her. Jay rolls onto his back to allow Rose to deep-throat Rose’s massive one. Jay thrusts up in tune with Rose’s bounces as she crosses his hips and lands on his fuck stick. Rose eventually flips around for some fun playing the reverse cowgirl. Rose spreads her thighs wide while on her hands and knees so that her stepbrother may kiss her anus before slamming back inside to beat that pussy in dog and smack Rose’s ass. Jay can only endure so much before running off to pop Rose’s ass. Rose begins calling her mom again rather than telling her stepbro that she won’t tell.

Pornstar: Rose Winters

Release Date: Apr 22, 2022


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