My Little Stepsister

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Tony Little is calculating the money he made today as Molly Little enters the room. She is aware of how much it is! Tony informs her that he intends to leave soon. Tony becomes concerned that Molly is merely complementing him to obtain some of that money when she shifts the topic of the conversation to how good he has been looking lately. Molly walks away as soon as she sees she won’t be getting anything from Tony, confirming his hunch. Tony later discovers Molly in his bedroom. When pressed, she initially denies taking any of his money and says she’s just looking for a charger.

Molly has a different plan than what Tony says he would tell their parents. She tells him she genuinely needs the money, so perhaps he has ulterior motives. After all, Molly has observed Tony’s gaze on her. Molly tells Tony that their parents and his girlfriend won’t find out as she unzips her shorts to reveal her thong and then pulls down her top to reveal her tiny tits. She is correct that Tony is attracted to her; this is evidenced by the way he touches her body with reverence, including her large, pussy lips. When Molly reaches out to take his cock in her hand and begin a BJ with lots of ball sucking, he is also nice and erect.

Now that Molly has experienced what a wonderful cock Tony can provide for her, she is just getting started. She takes off her top before climbing up Tony’s fuck stick to give him a bald pussy stiffie ride. When Molly turns around to bounce her booty, she moves quickly and displays her twerking prowess. To welcome Tony back inside, Molly rolls onto her back and stretches her little frame wide open. Then she gets down on her knees and wiggles her bottom while Tony spanks her round butt in a doggie fashion. By going to town on another blowjob and bringing him to a massive pop, Molly ends their fuckfest. As Tony informs Molly that she has earned the money, Molly plays with her reward before putting it all in her mouth.

Pornstar: Molly Little

Release Date: Apr 15, 2022


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