Sister Nurse

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Chloe Temple and her friend Kyler Quinn talk about their upcoming nursing exam while dressed in scrubs. Chloe believes getting her handsome stepbrother, Jake Adams, to flaunt his dick in the name of academics would be hilarious. Jake is apprehensive at first, but the ladies ultimately get him to undress. Chloe can’t keep her hands away from her brother’s cock once she sees it. She asks Kyler to grab the hand sanitizer so she may sterilize Jake’s penis, which she rubs with both hands until he’s completely erect. Kyler is a little weirded out by that, so she walks away.

Chloe continues to stroke Jake’s hardon when she is left to her own devices. She then jumps into bed with him and invites him to fuck her with his male anatomy. Jake isn’t about to turn down an invitation with his stepsister’s pants around her knees. He takes her in a doggie manner, pausing briefly to rid Chloe of her bra.

Chloe provides a stiffie ride in her landing strip pussy after climbing atop Jake’s fuck stick. Her hips are constantly moving, till her moans shatter along with her climax. Then she collapses onto her back, and Jake rises over her, attempting to find a pace that will leave Chloe cumming once more. Chloe helps her stepbro get off with a BJ that ends with Jake nutting all over her face after she’s through hammering him.

Pornstar: Chloe Temple

Release Date: Feb 15, 2019


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