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Skylar Vox is a tiny firecracker, but her bravado has backfired, since her lover recently deserted her. She isn’t feeling very good about herself, so she chooses to put herself out there in the hopes of being validated by her stepbrother Tony. She wants to feel attractive, and her ex is foolish for allowing her to walk away. Skylar’s proposal does not appeal to Tony, who wants her to leave him alone so he can unwind. Skylar is enraged, but she has other plans in mind.

Skylar waits until Tony is sound asleep before inviting him into her room. He finds her virtually naked, with her massive tits protruding from her thong for him to see. Tony must inform Skylar that she is attractive. Skylar places his hand on her boobs while Tony refuses to cooperate. She notices that he suddenly has a boner, which is all the proof she needed. Skylar believes she can scratch her own particular itch with Tony’s help now that he’s nice and hard for her. When Tony remains hesitant, Skylar pulls out his stiffie and begins sucking. She even offers him a titty fuck between those jugs as she leans back.

Skylar goes down on her knees so Tony can do her from behind. Her moans are audible as she receives a thorough pussy hammering, but they only become louder when she turns onto her back and urges Tony to return to her trimmed snatch. Tony can load his hands with Skylar’s soft boobs while fucking her in this position. Only when she gets on his dick and rides him in both cowgirl and reverse mode so he can appreciate the way her tits and ass wiggle is it better. Skylar returns to work sucking Tony’s man meat till he rewards her with a mouthful of hot sperm as she finally feels content with her own beauty.

Pornstar: Skylar Vox

Release Date: Jan 10, 2020


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