Step Siblings Secrets

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Bambino is shaving, but Sydney Cole needs to take a shower. When Bambino refuses to leave, Sydney begins stripping down as if she’s about to bathe. During the struggle, Bambino’s towel falls to the ground, revealing his limp dick to Sydney. When she begins to make fun of his size, Bambino strokes himself into full hardness to show her that he’s a grower, not a shower.

Sydney mocks her stepbrother for not knowing how to use what he’s carrying now that she’s seen what he’s carrying. He encourages her to suck him off in order to make sure he’s extremely tough. Sydney is turned around after her deep throat blowjob is finished so Bambino may bend her over the bathroom counter and take her moist pussy from behind.

Sydney jumps atop the counter and spreads her thigh, allowing Bambino to go to town hammering away. She then drags him to the floor so she can straddle him and have the stiffie ride she desires. Sydney bursts out laughing after providing Bambino a front and back view of her riding him. Kneeling beside him on the floor, she strokes and sucks until Bambino joins her in joy, giving her a sperm facial.

Pornstar: Sydney Cole

Release Date: Sep 1, 2017


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