Stepsis Is After My Dick

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Lindsey Lane hasn’t had a boyfriend in a few long weeks, so she’s not experiencing any dick. She’ll do whatever it takes since she’s that horny. She can finally carry out her strategy today. She waits till her mother and stepfather have left the home before seeing her stepbrother Jason. Lindsey is aware that Jason has a new girlfriend, but she is unconcerned. The extremely thin teenager jumps into bed with her stepbrother while just wearing a tank top and thong and suggests they have a lot of fun.

Jason attempts to object, but Lindsey isn’t going to accept a no. Before Jason can react, Lindsey had retrieved his morning wood and taken a bite off of it. As she deep throats him, her hands encircle the shaft to keep him still. Despite being an expert at BJs and obviously enjoying them, Lindsey wants her pussy full and would do anything to have it. Jason finally gets to enjoy the wiggle of her lovely ass as she jumps on while straddling his hips in a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride.

Linsdey resumes her ride in cowgirl after turning around. The way Jason’s hardon digs into her shaved twat as she keeps her party going is nearly as entertaining as her small titties with their tan lines. When Jason takes control for their mutual enjoyment, he puts his stepsister on her back to truly dominate her extremely thin body. It’s a great way to wake up to give Lindsey the D till her head drops back and her moans take on a new level of pleasure, but Jason can only do it for so long. Jason pulls back and strokes himself off the last bit of nut to nut on his stepsister’s tummy as soon as Lindsey had reached her climax. They both concur that Jason’s girlfriend is not an excuse for them to stop fucking each other.

Pornstar: Lindsey Lane

Release Date: Jan 28, 2022


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