This Halloween My Stepsis Jumped My Bones

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For Halloween, Molly Little and Mia Kay are having a blast decorating. The girls are beaming when Molly’s stepbrother Nathan Bronson enters and compliments them. While Mia prods her on, Molly even stands up close to a skeleton and pretends to fuck and suck it. Mia grabs a cob of corn and pantomimes a handie while holding it up up to Nathan’s crotch. Nathan urges Molly to check out whether his dick really is that huge because she’s inquisitive. Because Nathan is her stepbrother, Molly cannot. The girls quickly dress up in their costumes.

The first person to return to the living room is Molly, who discovers that the skeleton has developed a lovely cock. She assumes it is Mia’s boyfriend and gets down on her knees to begin sucking. Despite agreeing that it’s a nice dick, Mia goes for it with Molly to perform a double blowjob with some ball sucking despite the fact that her partner is out of town. Since Molly is aware of who it is, she removes the skeleton. She can then mount the cock to actually twerk against it after taking off her shorts. While Molly watches and masturbates, Mia joins in on the action by taking it from behind as well.

To let Nathan know they are aware, the girls call out his name. The females move over to the couch and sit down with their legs apart. First Molly, then Mia, Nathan decides to go down on his knees and give them each a good licking. He then lies down so that Mia may ride his tongue and Molly can reverse cowgirl ride him. While Mia indulges in Molly’s puss, Nathan forces Mia to her knees and fucks her in the dog. With Mia riding her mouth and Nathan pistoning between her thighs, Molly ends up on her back. Nathan pulls out his nut and smears it all over Molly and Mia’s faces when he’s ready to pop. The females like the sensation as they give each other sloppy kisses.

Pornstar: Mia KayMolly Little

Release Date: Oct 28, 2022


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