This Is Happening

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Jason adores both porn and Jill Kassidy, his younger stepsister. With porn on his phone and Jill living in the same house as him, he has plenty of both. Jill is oblivious to her stepbrother spying on her in the kitchen, but she does find him with his dick out after she moves from her bedroom to the shower, where she was stripping and massaging her delicate skin.

Instead of leaving, Jason keeps an eye on his sister as she gets dressed through the crack in the door. Then he gets a good look at her as she begins her yoga practice. Jill believes she’s had enough when she notices him. Jason can get it out of his system if she whips out her tits and ass for him to grip. When Jason tries to stop perving, Jill takes the initiative and argues they need to get it out of their system so they can live together. She takes Jason to his room, where she strips for him and wraps her plump lips around his cock for a full-on deep throat BJ.

Jill rises to the top and undulates her hips for a stiffie ride now that Jason’s dick is nice and wet from her saliva. Jason can’t take his hands off her tan-lined a$$, and as Jill turns around, he can’t take his gaze away from her well-trimmed muff. He takes advantage of the opportunity to live out his fantasy by tossing Jill onto her back and filling her with his cock while her firm titties wiggle now that he has explicit permission. Then he pulls her down on her hands and knees and impales her with his fuck stick till she flips over onto her back. When Jason is confident that Jill is happy, he pulls away and gives her a facial finish, leaving her with a mouthful of come to swallow.

Pornstar: Jill Kassidy

Release Date: Jan 18, 2019


Join Bratty Sis at an exclusive discount!