Helping To Solve Stepsisters Problem

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Recently, Kenzie Reeves has struggled with removing her clothes while she is sleeping. Her stepbrother Lucky Fae calls her out when she wanders into the kitchen while still wearing some clothing. Kenzie informs him that she must perform a sleep study but that she requires supervision. Later that day, Lucky sits with Kenzie as she takes a nap after agreeing.

It doesn’t take Kenzie long to kick off her thong and open her shirt to reveal her large, firm nipples. While Lucky isn’t looking, he notices what’s happening as Kenzie starts groaning and masturbating. As Lucky gets into bed, his stepmother tries to wake him up but instead rubs his stiffie with her hands down his pants. At that point, Lucky realizes Kenzie is having an affair with him. Kenzie goes down on her knees and asks him to stick it in after he calls her out on it since she knows he wants to.

Kenzie takes control by riding Lucky’s hardon in cowgirl after getting her pussy banged in the dog. Things really heat up when the spinner flips around and starts bouncing away in reverse cowgirl! She jumps off to get her fluids from the D in a deep throat BJ, and then she spreads herself wide open on her back so Lucky may give her juices one last time. As Lucky pulls away, he shoots Kenzie a cum shot over the tummy, making Kenzie feel relieved that her plan was successful.

Pornstar: Kenzie Reeves

Release Date: Dec 9, 2022



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