Wanna Fuck Your Step Sister

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Charly Summer’s turn to wash laundry arrives, and she chooses to be a complete jerk about it. She makes a big deal out of it and begs her stepbrother, Tony, to help her, but Tony refuses. Instead of assisting, he follows his stepsister up the stairs and secretly photographs her. Tony goes to his room to jack off to the images he just took after Charly has made it up the stairs. Charly did notice him, so a few minutes later she barges in on Tony with her phone in hand, ready to shoot some shots of her own.

Tony must touch Charly’s back because she injured it while wrestling with the laundry. She lays down on her stomach and urges Tony to get lower and lower till his hands are on her a$$. Tony eventually pulls Charly’s shorts down, and she tells him to massage between her thighs. She removes her shorts completely and wants Tony to continue touching her. Charly gradually encourages Tony to rub higher and higher on her pussy till his hand is on her pussy. Tony attempts to get Charly to quit, but when she notices Tony’s bulge, she offers to let him fuck her.

Charly closes the deal by giving them both a handie and a blowjob. She then goes down on her hands and knees, allowing Tony to drag himself home in a doggie bag. Charly rolls over after enjoying her brother’s massive cock in that position, allowing him to ram in while squeezing one of her firm titties. She concludes with a stiffie ride that starts in cowgirl and then moves into reverse cowgirl. Charly keeps sucking Tony till he erupts in her mouth with a load of hot come when she’s finally satisfied.

Pornstar: Charly Summer

Release Date: Apr 2, 2021


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