Sticky Stepsister

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Freya Parker enjoys getting her hands dirty. She ate some yogurt from the refrigerator today. Freya had covered her neck and upper chest with sticky yogurt by the time her stepbrother, Codey Steele, arrives into the kitchen and finds her. Freya is dragged to the shower by Codey, who gives her his back so she may undress in peace. But that isn’t on this hot babe’s plan. She demands that Codey assist her in removing her clothing and assisting her in the shower. Freya tries to put Codey’s hand between her thighs while she’s nude. Freya isn’t done with Codey even when he gets to escape out of the situation.

Freya is in bed with moist panties and begs for Codey to come rescue her a few hours later. Freya is oozing with sexual desire when he comes. Freya says to have gone through numerous pairs of panties, but her pussy is too wet and sticky to wear them. She requires assistance! Freya proposes that she might be able to cum and halt the flow if Codey assists her in fingering her twat. Codey ultimately agrees, but no matter how hard he finger-bangs his stepsister, she can’t seem to get to the climax. Freya eventually demands that Codey must fuck her.

Freya wraps her fingers around the root and pulls him into her creamy snatch when Codey has finally been persuaded. He can simply slip inside her since she’s so moist. Freya has pulled Codey onto his back so she can straddle his hips and impale herself on his fuck stick before he can react. Codey likes the reverse cowgirl ride, but he prefers cowgirl since he can squeeze his sister’s ass and suck her titties. Freya licks the moisture off Codey’s cock and then gets down on her hands and knees so he can give it to her in doggy form. That’s just what Codey needs to push him over the brink. As he pulls away, he shoots his full all over Freya’s ass to cover her with cum, just like she’d imagined.

Pornstar: Freya Parker

Relrease Date: Apr 9, 2021


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