Watch Me Undress

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Natalie Knight is always in conflict with her parents. She’s now grounded with her stepbrother Tony due to their incessant bickering. Natalie takes advantage of the situation to persuade Tony to turn around so she may put on her new clothing. When Tony refuses to turn around, Natalie informs him that he may do anything he wants, as long as he doesn’t have any notions. She then begins to undress. Tony takes out his dick and starts banging his meat when he sees Natalie is just trying to make him uncomfortable by tormenting him.

Finally, Natalie goes onto the bed and takes Tony’s dick in her hand, asking if this is what he’s been looking for. She helps him stroke it, then climbs to the top, causing her wet twat to fall upon Tony’s man meat. As she spins around and goes to town bouncing her booty on Tony’s dick, her stiffie ride gets even hotter. Tony is compelled to punish the jerk. He can’t take it any longer, so he puts his sister on her stomach and pounds on her ultra-tight twat.

Natalie is all smiles as she rolls onto her back and continues to receive her brother’s fuck stick between her thighs. The horny adolescent is ready to take advantage of the situation’s naughtiness. She isn’t about to abandon Tony, though. Instead, she gets back on her stomach and resumes sucking his hardon until he injects a scorching blast of cum into her mouth.

Pornstar: Natalie Knight

Release Date: Dec 13, 2019


Join Bratty Sis at an exclusive discount!