Sex For My Silence

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Jason has all of the dirt on his stepsister Kiara Cole that he needs to get in her pants, even if she isn’t aware of it. He summons her and informs her that she would be responsible for all of his responsibilities. If she refuses, he’ll tell their parents that Kiara sneaked out the night before to get her rocks. When Jason urges that she make things hotter, Kiara agrees, even stripping down to her thong. Jason requests that he get some full nudity after seeing his stepsister’s tits. Kiara hesitantly removes her underwear and proceeds to clean naked.

Jason coaxes his stepsister into bed to give him a blowjob, completely enthralled by her lovely petite physique. She asks for his pledge not to inform their parents, which he easily gives if Kiara can get him off the hook. She nods, stroking his dick and blowing so hard at him that his stiffie catches in the back of her throat. When Jason insists that Kiara fuck him to get him off and clinch their deal, Kiara slips down and places her meaty twat on top of his fuck stick. Her hips move in a rapid and furious ride, exposing her true delight, and she can’t help but moan in delight.

They’re going to love it now that the stepsiblings have started fucking! Kiara spins around to continue riding Jason’s fuck stick in reverse cowgirl mode, then lies down on her stomach as Jason approaches from behind. She pushes herself to a pussy pulsating peak by reaching down to touch her clit as Jason sinks his thumb into her ass. The stepsiblings alternate beating on Chloe’s back and belly, with Jason making sure to thumb her ass whenever he gets the chance. Her lovely cries frighten him as much as her pulsing snatch, giving him just enough time to pull out and slam a stream of hot jizz into Chloe’s open lips and face.

Pornstar: Kiara Cole

Release Date: Oct 5, 2018


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