Mormon Boys

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Sean Kays, Codey Steele’s friend, is prepared for his mission. Ms Faris, Codey’s stepsister, and Whitney Wright, Codey’s friend, stand outside the bathroom door, flaunting their bodies. They taunt him before pulling down Codey’s shorts to admire his dick. When Ms. Faris pulls out her tits to torment her stepbrother, he declares that if they act like sluts, he would punish them like sluts. He instructs them to stand up and pull their pants down, making it easy for him to flinger bang Ms Faris’s snatch with her pants pushed aside. Whitney isn’t wearing underwear, so he can easily bury his fingers into that pussy.

Despite Sean’s protests, Codey is now set on teaching a lesson to his stepsister and her buddy. He begins with Ms. Faris, revealing his underwear and demonstrating that he is a grower, not a shower. As Whitney masturbates alongside her and encourages Codey to fuck the evil out of Ms Faris, he slides his dick into her greedy twat, hammering her on the couch. Whitney can’t wait for Cody’s stiffie to teach her a lesson so she doesn’t have to fuck someone else, and she’s soon groaning as he rocks his dick into her fuck hole.

Ms Faris climbs up the back of the couch to position her pussy for Whitney to suck, taking advantage of Whitney’s open mouth. Whitney grabs her friend’s thighs to keep her stable when Ms Faris eventually slips lower so Cody can hammer her from behind. The show is scorching hot, and even Sean, who is a devoted Christian, can’t keep his hands out of his pants. Whitney crawls down on her hands and knees for her second lesson of the day, burying her joyous cries between Ms Faris’ thighs. Still not sure that the girls have been humiliated, Codey has them kneel in front of him so they can suck him off with a shared deep throat BJ, which only finishes when he gives them each a kiss on the lips.

Pornstar: Ms FarisWhitney Wright

Release Date: Oct 12, 2018


Join Bratty Sis at an exclusive discount!