Whatever My Step Sister Wants

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Savannah Sixx is well aware that she can do whatever she wants to Tyler Nixon and that Tyler’s father, Chris Valiant, will blame Tyler. She seizes every opportunity she can. She starts by washing the windows in a pair of tight shorts and a white top that becomes see-through as she pours water on herself. Tyler is unable to take his gaze away from Savannah’s tits. Savannah walks inside to try to touch Tyler’s hardon once she’s confident he has one. Savannah labels Tyler a pervert and has him busted by Chris the instant he stops rejecting her advances.

Tyler is at the pool later when Savannah appears, dressed in nothing but a small bikini. She knows Chris is asleep on the porch, which provides her with the ideal chance to torment Tyler once more. She removes her bikini and teases him with her large breasts and plump ass. Tyler avoids getting in trouble due to his stepsister’s antics this time, but his luck runs out as Savannah intensifies her taunting. She approaches Tyler as he is completing his schoolwork and makes it plain that she isn’t going to accept no for an answer by hiking up her miniskirt and fingering her pussy right in front of her brother.

Tyler can no longer handle it. He stays in the chair as Savannah impales herself on his cock. Savannah drops down on her knees at the conclusion of her stiffie ride to rub Tyler’s dick while she licks him off. Savannah then gets to her feet and leans over the table, allowing Tyler to pound her from behind with a titty fuck. Savannah becomes louder with each stroke, hopping atop the chair so Tyler can continue to go at her eager twat. When Tyler’s father walks in to check the ruckus and sees the two stepsiblings nude together, he flips out at Tyler.

Pornstar: Savannah Sixx

Release Date: Jan 31, 2020


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