Stepsisters Panties

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Tony Lovelock has a bad habit of sneaking into the washing room and sniffing his stepsister’s soiled underwear. Tony walks out of her bedroom wearing her pants instead of his mask, and Chloe Temple is ignorant of her stepbrother’s habit of getting into her soiled clothes. Chloe chastises him for smelling her pussy and then rushes him out the door. Later, Chloe apologizes for being so harsh with Tony and tells him that his crush on her will go away. Tony swears it won’t, and after some consideration, Chloe agrees to give Tony a small taste of her pussy to reassure him.

Chloe lets her miniskirt rise up on the sofa to show off her gorgeous trimmed twat, which is already nice and moist. Tony pauses, and Chloe pulls him closer to give him a lick before changing her mind. Chloe is surprised to be turned on by her stepbrother, who keeps spreading herself wider and wider to offer him more access. Chloe tucks her fingers into Tony’s hair and places his mouth just where she wants it. She’s so into it that she tells Tony that if he wants to fuck her, he should do it before she changes her mind. Chloe had lifted one of her legs in the air to open herself up and invite Tony within by the time Tony takes off his clothing. Before Chloe proposes they retire to the bedroom, he gets a few pumps in.

Tony is in a prone posture, and Chloe is kneeling over him, holding his cock. She leans in for a taste of the D before climbing into his lap to rock her hips while rubbing his fuck stick on her twat. Chloe eventually lifts her hips and leads Tony inside for a cowgirl ride. Then she crawls down on her hands and knees so Tony can fuck her in the doggie. When Chloe discovers that her stepbro has some real moves, she can’t stop groaning! Chloe mounts Tony in reverse cowgirl for a titty bouncing good time, pushing him down onto his back once more. She ends up on her back with one leg hooked over Tony’s shoulder so he can fuck her until he goes inside for a creampie, leaving her dripping cum and smiling that they’ve figured out a great way to deal with Tony’s obsession.

Pornstar: Chloe Temple

Release Date: Aug 27, 2021


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