Why Do Guys Cum So Fast

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After having a bad day, Maria Kazi breaks into her stepbrother’s space. Maria tells Brett Maker that every time she goes on a date, the guy talks too quickly. Brett Maker listens. Maria laughs and walks out of the room when Brett offers to give her the dick. She goes to her bedroom and pulls up her miniskirt so she can masturbate and get her kicks alone.

Brett opens the door to check what Maria is doing because his stepsister isn’t exactly being quiet. Her clit is being worked on by her fingers, but it’s not that gratifying. Brett pulls it out and stands in the corner petting it as he watches Maria go for it after snapping at him to mind his own business. She eventually understands that she requires the dick and that her stepbrother is nearby. She urges him to push it in while she is on her knees.

Doing it canine is just the beginning of Maria’s desires. Brett is pushed onto his back as she boards the vehicle in true cowboy fashion. Maria bounces her booty in a reverse cowgirl motion as she turns around. She rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs, asking Brett to give her a good dicking down. Once Brett is certain Maria is content, he pulls out and nips on his stepsister’s stomach. Maria is happy to have at last met a boyfriend she can be entirely satisfied with.

Pornstar: Maria Kazi

Release Date: Apr 14, 2023

TAGS: BlondeBlowjobGirl BoyGirl OrgasmHardcoreMaria KaziMasturbationPetiteShaved PussySkinnySmall Boobs


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