Might As Well Fuck

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Gianna Dior and her stepbrother Tony are on vacation, but the hotel has a problem. Gianna calls her mother in a panic because there is a hostage scenario. Tony pulls his dick out and massages it to hardness while Gianna is preoccupied. Tony uses the chance after his stepsis hangs off the phone to urge that Gianna show him her tits so he may see them before they die. Tony asks to touch Gianna’s jugs as soon as he sees them.

Tony manages to persuade his sister to let him feel her pussy now that they’ve gotten started. He runs his hand down the back of her pants. Tony can readily feel Gianna’s slick wetness and hear her moans as he fondles her clit as she strips down to only her shoes. He can easily get her to pull his hardon out and start sucking him off because he knows how turned on she is. It’s not difficult to persuade Gianna to jump aboard his fuck stick and start riding from there.

Gianna is anxious to try more of her stepbrother’s fuck stick as she gets a taste. She rides him forward and backwards until she reaches the first crest of satisfaction, then flips onto her back so he can help. It’s just a question of restarting her blowjob until Tony gives her a face full of jizz after a doggie style fuck. Gianna’s mother phones back as they’re coming down from their mutual orgasmic highs to report that she noticed on the news that the threat has passed.

Pornstar: Gianna Dior

Release Date: Mar 22, 2019


Join Bratty Sis at an exclusive discount!