Bunk Mates

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While Sophia Grace’s aunt, Lexxxi Nicole, is visiting, they are meant to share a room. She is startled when she opens her door to find her stepbrother Jake Adams in her bed. Sophia eventually sneaks into Jake’s bed and begins acting like a brat to get him out. Dava Fox, her mother, hears the disturbance and enters to chastise them, telling them that they need to get along.

Sophia eventually decides to change into her pajamas, but she loses it again when she realizes Jake is spying on her. She tries to make the best of the situation by getting into the bed as far away from her stepbro as she can, but Jake starts jerking his dick off. When Sophia confronts him about masturbating in front of her, he claims that he needs to sleep. Sophia claims she can do it as well, so the stepsiblings masturbate together. Jake observes his hot stepsis diddle herself for a few moments before spooning behind her and sliding his dick into her tight twat. She agrees to him fucking her from behind, then gets down on her knees so Jake can bang her while squeezing her heart-shaped ass.

Sophia breaks her own promise and lets Jake go to town in her while she watches, rolling over after Jake has made her cum once. When Dava and Lexxxi burst into the room, the two are almost apprehended so Lexxxi can give Sophia a gift for inconveniencing her. As the girls all talk, Jake continues to bang his stepsister. Sophia succumbs to her baser instincts and climbs onto Jake’s fuck stick to begin riding him until she explodes with passion one last time. Then she gets down on her knees to extract Jake’s climax from his dick with a double handjob that allows him to cum all over her face. Sohpia is just about to lick Jake’s dick clean when her mother walks in and catches them in the act.

Pornstar: Sophia Grace

Release Date: Dec 21, 2018


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