Some Dick Would Make You Less Stuck Up Stepsister

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As his stepsister Harley Haze and her friend Scarlet Skies are having an engaging conversation, Juan Loco walks in. He tries to join the conversation, but the females find it annoying. They snidely remark to Juan that they were discussing how simple it is to get a guy off. Scarlet finds Harley’s statement that she could get Juan off in two minutes, which she could get off in two minutes, to be scandalous but extremely titillating. It doesn’t take long for Harley to confess to having sex dreams about her stepbrother thanks to Scarlet. The females can’t get Juan to cum, Juan informs them. Harley and Scarlet each assert that they can.

Juan challenges them to prove it as he drops his pants to display his hardon in a do-or-die situation. Both girls are left in a state of confusion as a result, but once they have their bearings, they are ready to clown. Harley falls to her knees as Scarlet produces a stopwatch. When the timer rings, Harley begins to count down the two minutes. Scarlet decides to attack it after her handie fails to deliver. Juan won’t pop in two minutes, either, according to her! Juan announces to the girls that it’s his chance to try to get them off in two minutes now that he’s remained firm. Scarlet is into it and persuades Harley to try when Harley tries to claim that her mother is in the adjacent room.

The females remove their shorts and lie side by side on the couch. Juan removes their thongs and starts working, sticking one hand into each pussy. He succeeds despite Scarlet and Harley’s best efforts to suppress their groans. The girls decide that they should actually get Juan off after they have descended. They begin by performing a double blowjob on Juan’s cock. Harley assists Scarlet as she rides the first stiffie in reverse cowgirl, and then, as Scarlet watches and masturbates, Harley goes for it in cowgirl. When Scarlet receives a dog-style pussy pounding while chowing down on Harley’s snatch, they officially become a trio. As Juan pumps her full of the D before pulling out and blowing his load on her twat, Harley gives Juan one final spin on his cock.

Pornstar: Harley HazeScarlet Skies

Release Date: Mar 25, 2022

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