Step Sister Caught Stealing

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Ashely Ocean is short on cash, so when she emerges from the shower and notices her stepbrother’s wallet, she thinks she’s in for a quick payout. Ashely begins her great plan of stealing Ricky Rascal’s money while he is sleeping, but he wakes up and catches her in the act. Ricky decides that instead of sending Ashely packing, he’d rather trade his money for sexual favors from his smokin’ hot stepsister. Ashely desires it so much that she begins sucking Ricky’s hard cock.

Ricky can’t believe his stepsister’s lips are finally wrapped around his fuck stick, but now that it’s happening, he wants more. He tells her to undo her pants and go down on her knees. He approaches her from behind, his thick stiffie balls sinking deep into the tightness of her cream-filled fuck hole. Ashely may be fucking Ricky for money, but she enjoys the sensation of his erection deep within her as he fills her to the brim with each stroke.

Ashely rolls onto her side, allowing Ricky to spoon behind her while he dominates her juicy snatch. She spends some time on her back, but as the race approaches its conclusion, she gets to the top and rides to victory. Ricky follows his stepsister over the edge, pulling back in time for Ashely to stroke him away. She withdraws her hard-earned cash, but she has no idea that Ricky plucks it from her pocket as she gets dressed in the aftermath!

Pornstar: Ashely Ocean

Release Date: Sep 7, 2018


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