Sexy Scavenger Hunt

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Since their parents married, Emma Starletto and her stepbrother Nathan Bronson have been fighting, and Emma’s mother Dava Foxx is fed up. She tells the youngsters that she’d rather see them fuck than argue, and that they must work together. Dava reappears, stalking Emma, and offers her a piece of paper with a scavenger quest written on it. She threatens they’ll both be grounded if they don’t work together and finish it by the time she comes home. When Emma and Nathan pore through the lists, they notice a lot of erotic stuff.

Nathan’s list includes a bra and panties, so Emma strips and offers him hers. Then she looks at her list and notices that one of her items is a dick picture. Nathan agrees, then checks his list and realizes he’s missing a dildo. Emma goes into her mother’s room and emerges with a dildo stick-on. Nathan’s boxers are needed, according to Emma’s list. He removes them and hides in shame as Emma teases him about his little dick. Emma decides to discover out if Nathan is a grower or a shower by stroking him off. Emma starts sucking his cock when it doesn’t give her the quick response she wants. She then says she wants Nathan to fuck her like her mother suggested.

Emma gets down on her knees and looks over her shoulder as Nathan shoves his dick into her. She then rolls over and lifts one leg in the air, allowing him to beat her hairy twat as she rubs her clit. Emma rides Nathan in reverse cowgirl mode, her plump titties bouncing along with her. She wants him to finish her on her back, so she returns to that position and tells Nathan to pull back and cover her in come. They’re just about to go when Dava returns and finds them nude, which makes her panic because they took her literally.

Pornstar: Emma Starletto

Release Date: Nov 8, 2019


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