Thanksgiving Day Sex With Pilgrims And Pussies

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Jake Adams is spending some quality time with his stepsister, Sky Pierce, her friend, Emily Willis, and his grandfather, James Bartholet, in the living room, watching TV. As they talk about their Thanksgiving clothes, Emily and Sky are clearly in love. Jake is annoyed by the chat and tells the girls that they are interfering with his football game. The girls have had enough and have gone to Sky’s room to change. As they strip off their clothing, including their thongs, and get clothed, they’re no strangers to each other’s bodies. Emily’s costume is sexier than Sky’s, which is a more typical pilgrim attire.

Grandpa is sound sleeping when Sky returns. Jake makes fun of her clothes. Emily’s outfit, on the other hand, attracts his attention. Emiyl is aware of it, mocking Jake about her lack of underwear and bra. Emily brings Sky to her feet as Jake continues to insult her, so she can show Jake how lovely Sky is, too. Emily exposes her tits to Jake before encouraging Sky to do the same. Sky is also not wearing any underpants, as this demonstrates. Emily also uses this opportunity to flaunt her twat. Emily is ready to go down on her knees and pull Jake’s boner out so she can suck it as the girls point it out. She drags Sky down for some cock gobbling action since it tastes wonderful. Jake isn’t going to object when two lovely girls kneel in front of him with their lips open.

Emily climbs atop Jake’s fuck stick with the aid of Sky, who holds the stiffie in position while Emily slides down. Then she starts lapping at Emily’s breasts while Emily bounces about. Sky is on her knees getting it from behind as Jake finally gets to shove it in his hot stepsis. Emily is directly behind her, providing Jake a pussy smorgasbord. Because Grandpa is asleep, the ladies try not to groan while Jake drives them both into a sexual frenzy. With Jake fucking his sister and Emily riding Sky’s mouth, they resume their threesome. Emily is left to snowball her come with Sky after Jake finishes all over Emily’s face and Sky’s tummy. Grandpa confesses that he is awake and that Jake is a chip off the old block as the girls flee.

Pornstar: Emily WillisSky Pierce

Release Date: Nov 15, 2019


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