Pics Or It Didnt Happen

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Scarlett Hampton’s ex-boyfriend is a sleazy jerk who fucks his ex-girlfriend. Scarlett learned about it after her ex took photos of them together at a hotel and tagged her in them. Jason comes in just in time to hear his stepsis abandon her lover, so he tries to console her. Scarlett tells Jason she wants to avenge her ex, but he doesn’t want to go out and beat up anyone for her. Fortunately, Scarlett had something else in mind. She was considering having Jason assist her in taking some nasty photos of her own to upload online so her ex would know she wasn’t missing him at all.

Even though Jason and Scarlett have dated in the past, he doesn’t want her to share his naughty photos online since they’ve vowed to keep their affairs private. He now has a girlfriend, who would murder him if she discovered he was fucking his stepsister. Scarlett promises they’ll keep it a secret since she won’t publish Jason’s face on the internet. Scarlett gets to work once they pinkie swear on it. She gets down on her knees and takes out her stepbro’s hardon, sucking it with lots of deep throat motion. Since Jason doesn’t want to be left with blue balls, he makes Scarlett promise to let him cum, so they take a picture of her sucking dick now and agree to take another after she has cum on her face. Scarlett, on the other hand, must first earn the jizz.

Scarlett gets nude and rolls onto her back to welcome Jason within, and the stepsibs move it to the bedroom. Scarlett’s twat is oh so creamy as Jason accepts her offer, especially when Scarlett massages her clit to assist her in getting off. Jason takes Scarlett’s place on the bed so that his stepsister may get on top of him and ride him around like a bald pussy stiffie. Jason gets to whack that wonderful ass as she turns around and begins bouncing away, to to their enjoyment. When Scarlett crawls down on her hands and knees for Jason to do her doggy style, there’s even more to appreciate. Scarlett senses Jason’s approach and goes back on her back to let him pound away till he’s about to cum. As he walks away, he maintains his part of the agreement by nutting Scarlett’s face so she can take the crucial shot that will make her ex envious.

Pornstar: Scarlett Hampton

Release Date: Nov 12, 2021


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