My Princess Sister

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Tyler Nixon’s stepsister Emma Hix walks into the living room and demands the remote from Dava Fox and her stepson Tyler Nixon. Dava attempts to ignore them as they dispute, but when Emma asks her mother to interfere, Dava tells Tyler that Emma is a princess and that he is lucky she even speaks to him. Tyler bolts from the room. Emma likes the television, but she notices that her mother’s demeanor is wearing off on her, so she later seeks Tyler out to apologize.

The stepsiblings reconcile and embrace, but Emma notices Tyler’s dickiness. Tyler and his stepmother may be cool today, but they aren’t. Tyler hasn’t mowed the yard, which irritates Dava. Despite the knowing that Emma is transforming, he rushes into her room and begs her to conceal him. Dava walks in seeking for Tyler and finds him beneath the blankets. As Tyler pushes his cock inside Emma’s tight twat, Emma pretends she’s going to take a sleep while attempting to maintain her calm.

Tyler offers to quit fucking Emma after Dava departs, but she refuses because he feels too wonderful inside her! She flips onto her back to give him a better entry angle, then goes down on her hands and knees so they can fight like dogs. By the time Emma climbs onto Tyler’s dick and begins riding him, she’s doing her best not to let her mother know what’s going on. Tyler is a terrific lay, ensuring Emma has several orgasms before letting her stroke him into her open mouth. When Dava returns and finds them in the act, they’re just enjoying the afterglow of their newfound arrangement.

Pornstar: Emma Hix

Release Date: Aug 2, 2019


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