Step Sister Makeover

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Zoe Parker is madly in love with her stepbrother Codey Steele, but she has no idea how to seduce him. She begins by practicing makeup tutorials in her bedroom. Codey discovers herself in the middle of a makeup tutorial, wearing horrifying makeup. He mocks her, which both hurts Zoe’s feelings and strengthens her resolve to seduce him.

Later, in a hot dress and proper makeup, Zoe seeks out Codey. He’s taken aback by his stepsis’s hotness, but he makes an effort to resist her advances. Zoe isn’t going to take no for an answer, especially now that she knows Codey has a thing for her! She takes out his stiffie, removes her shirt to show off her breasts, and then bends in to begin blowing his dick. Codey is powerless to stop her from sliding down on top of him for a stiffie ride because of her deep throat BJ.

Zoe is living out her dreams now that she’s finally gotten the D she’s always wanted! She rides Codey’s fuck stick forwards and backwards so he may enjoy her fair-skinned body from every angle. When Zoe is sure Codey is serious about carrying it out, she lays over and spreads her legs so he can pound her eager snatch into orgasmic pleasure. Codey pulls out just in time to cum all over his stepsister’s belly a few moments later.

Pornstar: Zoe Parker

Release Date: Jan 4, 2019


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