Its Not What You Think Stepbrother

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Harley King believes she is the only person living there. She settles into a comfortable position on the couch with her preferred vibrator in hand and begins working her cum-loving physique. She pulls out her all-naturals and kneads them, pinching her nipples in the process. In order to create the amount of ecstasy that will truly bring her off quickly, she pulls her panties aside and pushes the vibrator to her clit. When Harley gets stopped by her stepbrother Jayden Marcos, it appears to be orgasm city all around. Harley has just enough time to put her tits away, but she is stuck with the vibrator because she has nowhere to go.

Jayden removes his shoes before settling down next to his stepsister. Harley gets irritated when he strikes her with one of them. Jayden sees the silhouette of Harley’s vibrator as he bends down to retrieve the shoe and immediately thinks it’s a dick. Harley doesn’t lean that way, so she demands Jayden come have a look so he can be sure it’s not a dick. When Jayden refuses, Harley grabs her stepbrother’s hand and puts it right on her wet twat. That gets Jayden’s attention. He’s always thought his stepsis was hot, but now he’s faced with the opportunity to tap that and he’s not about to let that slide. With Harley’s encouragement, Jayden finds himself on his hands and knees with his face buried between his stepsister’s thighs.

Jayden isn’t planning to stop anytime soon now that he’s gotten a taste of Haley. He stands up and responds to Haley’s exhortation by ramming home in her close twat. Before jumping on his fuck stick and sliding down to ride him in reverse cowgirl, Haley takes a scorching minute to suck Jayden off, deep throating her stepbrother to her heart’s delight. Haley is eager to continue Jayden’s hardon since it is so much better than her vibrator. She ends it with a creampie that drips out as Haley loves the sensation of being well pounded while she is on her hands and knees, watching over her shoulder as Jayden delivers it to her in doggy.

Pornstar: Harley King

Release Date: Dec 31, 2021



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