My Stepsis And Her Friend Are Stuck

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In the bathroom, Destiny Cruz and her friend Lily Larimar are experimenting with different haircuts when Joshua Lewis, Destiny’s stepbrother, squeezes by them to grab a towel. Joshua responds by saying that the ladies’ haircuts are ridiculous and that he will come fuck them both when they get caught in anything while Destiny claims he is grabbing a jerk towel. Joshua’s forecast will be realized soon. He enters to see both girls’ hair stuck in the oven. Lily offers to let Joshua touch her pussy if he helps them. He takes her up on it, then cops a feel on his own stepsis. Eventually Destiny claims she’s had enough and insists Josuha let them go. He obliges, but before Lily follows Destiny out of the room she admits that she liked it.

It’s not long until the females become trapped again. This time, Destiny is caught in the fridge while Lily is stuck in the dishwasher. Joshua quietly approaches, rips Lily’s thong down, and lifts up her miniskirt so Destiny can’t see what’s happening. While Destiny attempts to understand what is happening, he inserts it and gives her a couple rapid pumps. Prior to Joshua freeing her and sending her to assist Destiny, they don’t have nearly enough time to enjoy each other, but it’s enough to fire Lily’s thirst for more. Even later, while the girls are sitting on the couch, they discover that their hair has become knotted. Joshua must be summoned once more. Destiny ultimately agrees to Lily’s suggestion that they let him fuck them. Given that their hair is still knotted, the girls recline on the couch while Joshua gets to work.

As Lily massages her titties and masturbates next to Destiny, she gets the first taste of her stepbrother’s cock, but Joshua soon allows Lily to have another go with his hardon. He waits until they are free before releasing them, then watches as they both fall to their knees at the same time to lick his dick in a double BJ. To allow Joshua to do her in as she eats Lily out, Destiny goes down on her hands and knees. Joshua is made to sit down so that Lily may ride him in reverse cowgirl when it is her turn to enjoy Joshua’s cock. Lily groans and twitches as Destiny boards the vehicle to match Lily’s posture. Just in time for Lily to rub Joshua’s manhood off into her mouth, she lifts off of it. Joshua and Destiny’s fling is snowballed by Lily as she sits on the couch, and the two women agree that they should fuck Joshua more frequently.

Pornstar: Destiny CruzLily Larimar

Release Date: Jan 7, 2022


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