My Cute Stepsister Made Me Tie Her Up

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Kylie Rocket and her pal Cecelia Taylor are hanging out in Kylie’s room, plotting how to persuade Rico Hernandez, Kylie’s sexy stepbrother, to fuck them. The females decide to grab some bondage gear and tie each other up. They take their time, gagging and then placing shackles on one another. They scream Rico’s name and wait for him to locate them. He begins by untying the balls and attempting to persuade Kylie to tell him what occurred. She tells a fib, claiming that several males broke in and didn’t injure or steal anything, but they nevertheless bound the girls. Kylie also mentions that she’s fantasized about being tied up and fucked by someone she loves about, but that it’s been destroyed by this. Rico may salvage the day by immediately fucking her and Cecelia.

Cecelia joins in on Kylie’s pleadings as Rico pauses. How can Rico say no to two sexy hungry females who are still dressed in their school uniforms and look good as fuck? He ties the ladies up and gets them down on their hands and knees so he can spank them and feel their moist pussies beneath their thongs and miniskirts. Rico pulls the girls to their knees and opens their shirts, palming each of their breasts and firm nipples. He convinces his panting stepsister and her friend that if he arranges them on their knees on the ground, they’ll suck him off like nice little girls. Kylie and Cecelia follow through on their pledge, licking Rico’s cock and balls.

Rico throws Kylie into the bed and puts his dick into her eager twat, showing no mercy. Cecelia sits powerless on her stomach next to Kyle, unable to do anything but watch her friend get raped and wait her turn for the same punishment. Rico eventually frees the ladies’ hands, allowing him to flip them over and pound his stepsis’s juicy twat again. Kylie moves over to touch Cecelia’s clitter and finger her meaty snatch, but Rico has already moved on to Cecelia’s fuck hole, leaving Kylie to observe and masturbate. Cecelia assists Kylie in climbing on top of Rico and riding his hardon in reverse cowgirl mode while he lies down on the bed. Cecelia swaps places with the other females so she may get the same rigorous ride and reach a final climax. The girls return to blowing Rico with deep throat ardour so that he can nut into their open mouths and give a cumshot that they may exchange with a kiss.

Pornstar: Cecelia TaylorKylie Rocket

Release Date: Jul 30, 2021



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