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Maya Kendrick was in her room wrapped in a towel ready to take a shower, when her step-brother T. Stone enters to ask her permission to use his tablet. She gives him permission to use her tablet, meanwhile, she goes to the shower. What she doesn’t realize is that T. can see her silhouette in the shower, through the glass bricks. Faced with such an attractive look, the brother can’t resist and pulls his dick and starts masturbating while watching his sister taking a shower. As soon as Maya finishes her bath, she finds him masturbating, immediately she offers him her towel to prevent him from cumming in her bed and ending up dirtying everything.

Fingering sister’s pussy

A few hours later, T. goes back to his stepsister’s room and tells her directly that he wants to fuck her. Amazingly, Maya agrees, immediately T. starts doing a pussy fingering on her sister’s cunt. She lifts her shirt to rub her tiny tits while the naughty brother continues to work on her delicious hairy pussy. Her moans intensify as T. Stone replaces his fingers with his hard cock and starts fornicating her.

Squirting pussy

Soon after, her little sister turns around and gets up on her hands and knees, T. gives her another swipe with her finger before fucking her in doggy-style. This is a position that allows him to see your butt swing. What ended up sending Maya Kendrick out of control was when she started riding her brother’s dick. That’s because, made the young girl have a very huge orgasm, to the point of spurting her vaginal fluids all over the place, she squirted with great intensity. It was then, that she ended up begging to suck all the dick of the stepbrother, who can’t take it and explodes all the cum in the young woman’s hungry mouth.

Pornsatar: Maya Kendrick

Release Date: Jun 2, 2017


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