The Sugar Daddy Experience

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Minxx Marii is having trouble paying her expenses, so she’s been seeing wealthy men who will provide her with the funds she requires. Tony, her stepbrother, discovers that Minxx is essentially living off a sugar daddy. He moves in after he overhears Minxx being rejected by her present man. He and Minxx argue back and forth, but he eventually agrees to lend her money provided she agrees to give him the sugar daddy experience. Minxx concurs.

Minxx reveals her beautiful body by removing her shirt. Tony demands she take off her shorts and turn around so he can pinch her nipples, which are already erect. Tony smacks Minxx for taking down her pants so he can enjoy her bare pussy and hard ass. He then leads her to the bedroom. Minxx displays her handie prowess by suckling Tony till he’s nice and firm. She then reclines and spreads her thighs, allowing him to have his way with her.

Tony lays Minxx on her back and rubs her clitoral area. Minxx responds with a long and loud groan. Tony fucks her in doggy by rolling her onto her stomach so he can slap that ass. Tony enjoys having the lady on top, so he climbs into bed with Minxx and watches as she mounts him. She starts in reverse cowgirl mode so he can keep admiring her tight ass, then spins around and leans back while bouncing away on his fuck stick. Minxx climbs off the D and blows Tony till he gives her a mouthful of come as he prepares to blow. He agrees that she is worth the money as long as the fact that they fucked remains between them.

Pornstar: Minxx Marii

Release Date: May 14, 2021


Join Bratty Sis at an exclusive discount!