Cant Stop Until You Pop

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Codey Steele adores potato chips a lot. Alex Kane, his stepsister, draws attention to his addiction. She continues to wonder if Codey will play a practical joke on her by having her extract his dick from a potato chip can. Alex murmurs that it’s best that Codey says he won’t since it might become stuck when Codey says he won’t. As soon as she says them, she realizes she’s screwed up, but Codey is curious to learn more about the occasion on which his stepsister saw his dick. Alex tries to claim that Codey leaves the door open when he takes a shower, but Codey vehemently refutes this.

Codey resumes munching potato chips as soon as Alex departs. He first gets one hand jammed in a can, and then the other hand follows suit. Alex enters the room and makes fun of Codey. He begs her to assist him, so she gets down on her knees and tugs his pants down, releasing his stiffie. Alex argues that Codey is wrong and that this is actually helpful. Her tongue and hands quickly become engaged in administering a combined BJ and handie.

This cum hungry coed decides that sucking is insufficient and crawls down on her knees so that Codey can do her from behind in a dog. She then jumps up onto his lap and takes a reverse cowgirl jig off. She doesn’t assist Codey in removing his hands from the chip cans until he is ready to properly penetrate her. As Alex lays on her back with her legs spread wide, Codey delivers, thrusting up into her ravenous cooch and then pistoning in and out of her juicy snatch. Alex gets some extra chips to snack on after Codey had pulled out and blew his nut all over her shaved puss.

Pornstar: Alex Kane

Release Date: Aug 26, 2022



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