Just Me And My Step Sis

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Jessae Rosae and Peter Green, her stepbrother, had taken a vacation together. Their parents will also be there, but the stepsibs will arrive a day ahead of schedule. When they arrive, Jessae tries to start something with Peter, slapping his arse and making it plain that it’s acceptable, even if Peter believes their parents will object. She emerges later, nude, with a few shots of tequila. Peter dismisses Jessae and retires to his bedroom for a nap. Jessae isn’t going down without a fight. She changes into some sultry underwear and joins Peter in bed. Peter eventually convinces Jessae that if he sleeps with her this time, she would leave him alone for the remainder of the journey.

Jessae is all grins and giggles now that she’s had her way, as she takes out Peter’s cock and sucks it. She devotes a lot of time on that large chunk of meat, sucking and deep throating to her heart’s delight. She then climbs up Peter’s torso and positions herself to slide down onto Peter’s dick. Jessae bikes her way to pleasure town, leaning forward so that her small titties are in Peter’s face. She eventually bends backwards and tosses her head back in joy, as the increased penetration position really gets her motor going.

Peter can finally get his hands on his ultra slim stepsister’s gorgeous ass as Jessae spins around for some reverse cowgirl action. Jessae drops down on her hands and knees for a reverse cowgirl pussy pounding, allowing him to continue admiring his booty. She then licks her own fluids off Peter’s dick before laying down on the bed for one more time so he can have his way with her. Jessea’s snatch quivers around him with the intensity of her climax, and Peter draws back. He pumps himself off till he nuts all over Jessae in a facial that is every bit as gratifying as Jessae had dreamed it would be while standing over his stepsis in a position of power.

Pornstar: Jessae Rosae

Release Date: Oct 2, 2020

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