Lick My Candy Cane

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Nathan Bronson, Vanna Bardot’s stepbrother, has an intriguing connection with her. They behave as though they don’t like one other at all, with Nathan pranking Vanna all the time. There’s a deeper longing behind that teasing friendship that none of them has confessed. Vanna gets the opportunity today to retaliate against Nathan for some of his pranks. She and her friend Lulu Chu are putting the finishing touches on the tree when they decide to rub a candy cane on each of their pussies and then have Nathan taste them and select which one he prefers. They each masturbate with a candy cane, and when Nathan enters the living room, they invite him to try some.

The girls can’t wait till Nathan has had a taste of the goodies before making fun of him. That irritates Nathan, who responds by pulling out his dick in response to the girls’ pussies taunting him. Lulu had pulled him down, and his dick has slipped straight into his stepsis’s moist twat. Based on her delighted moans, it appears that Vanna enjoys the way Nathan’s fuck stick feels inside her. She’s not going to let it finish without a bang now that she’s gotten her hands on the goods. Vanna is cradled by Lulu as she receives her first taste of Nathan’s cock, but Lulu wants in on the action as well.

Lulu gets on top of Vanna as soon as both girls are undressed so Nathan may take her from behind as she makes out with Vanna. Then Nathan lies down in front of the Christmas tree, allowing the girls to choose whatever section of the tree they want to ride. Lulu gets Nathan’s face, while Vanna gets Nathan’s dick. They continue to kiss and fondle each other’s chests while they ride in tandem. Vanna eventually gives Lulu Nathan’s hardon so she may have a reverse cowgirl ride till she’s mewling in lust. When they’ve gotten their fill, the girls team up to blow Nathan away and make sure he gets his rocks off as well. He stuffs nuts into their open mouths, leaving them with a salty snack.

Pornstar: Lulu ChuVanna Bardot

Release Date: Dec 18, 2020


Join Bratty Sis at an exclusive discount!