The Naked Truth

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April Aniston, Tony’s stepsister, has realized that she isn’t getting the same amount of attention from males as she used to. She’s beginning to wonder whether anything is wrong with her. She approaches Tony and requests his opinion of her since she knows she can trust him to tell her the truth. April begins stripping at Tony’s request so that he may examine her breasts and bottom both with and without clothing.

April understands Tony has a hardon for her as her thong slips to the ground. It’s been a long time since she’s felt so desired, so starting sucking him off while stroking his fuck stick is a no-brainer. April then rolls onto her back and begs Tony to force himself all the way inside her suffocating naked twat. She enjoys how Tony fills her full to the brim, so she keeps asking for more.

April lowers her head on the blankets on her hands and knees while Tony smacks her doggy style. Her wailing continues as she climbs onto Tony’s cock and rides him until she’s completely fulfilled. April jumps off and starts sucking Tony’s fuck stick till he nuts in her mouth, showing to her that she is still absolutely appealing to the opposite sex for all time.

Pornstar: April Aniston

Release Date: Mar 13, 2020

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