She Wants To Be On Top

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Winter Jade is living with her family, as is her stepbrother Justin Hunt. Because the house is tiny, they must share a room with bunkbeds. Winter, like Justin, wants the top bunk. Winter, being determined, peels off her clothing and climbs up to rub her pussy all over the sheets and ladder to establish that the bunk is hers. Winter reports Justin gets a boner when she glances down. Justin claims that this is not the case; his dick is simply large. Winter chooses to call Justin’s bluff because she is already nude.

She jumps off the bunk and pushes Justin down into the bed, claiming that if Justin’s dick is huge but not hard, it won’t slip in if she sits on it. She does, in fact, slide straight down on his cock as she sits on his hardon. Winter isn’t ready to squander that huge one now that she’s shown Justin has a boner. She rides him in reverse cowgirl mode, balancing herself on the wall and bunk bed. She then flips onto her back so Justin can pound the pussy on the landing strip.

Winter is on her hands and knees on the bed, watching as Justin approaches her from behind. Winter moans with the power of her enjoyment as he uses long, deep strokes. She’s so happy that she wants Justin to be happy too! She jumps off the D and goes down on her knees, sucking that cock in a deep throat BJ that tickles Justin’s buttons. He finally has had enough and blows his load into his sister’s mouth.

Pornstar: Winter Jade

Release Date: Mar 6, 2020



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