Giving My Step Sister The Finger

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Paris White and her stepbrother Zach Wild have a strained relationship. They quarrel over everything! They fight over the final banana when they’re in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Zach believes he has it, but Paris destroys it in a fit of wrath before walking out with double deuces. Later, they arrive at the same moment on the sofa, resulting in a scramble for the remote and more colorful insults.

Later, when Zach comes in on Paris performing yoga, he notices that her pants have a large hole in them. Paris taunts Zach after he points out that he can see Paris’s meaty twat. They resume the middle finger parade, and Paris manages to land on her stepbrother’s outstretched finger while she hops about flicking him off. She’s taken aback at first, but she soon realizes that if Zach is good at anything, it’s finger fucking her snatch. Paris is soon kneading her titties and sighing with joy because Zach is game. She’s not going to let her stepbro down after such a satisfying climax, so she shoves him back and yanks his trousers down, revealing a large boner. She gets back on her feet, turns around, and slides down the D.

Paris begins riding Zach in cowgirl mode after turning around and peeling off most of her clothing. She takes a scorching minute to cool off before getting down on her knees and devouring that cock in a messy BJ. Paris then hops onto the sofa so Zach can give it to her in doggie form. Zach’s thrusts are guided by her groans as he gives her the harder and quicker pussy pounding she desires. Zach returns home to get his hot stepsis off one last time as Paris flops onto her back and spreads her thighs wide apart. Then he backs up and fires his shot towards Paris’s bald muff. Paris licks Zach’s big load off her fingers and then returns to flicking him off to irritate him once more.

Pornstar: Paris White

Release Date: Apr 30, 2021


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