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Chloe Temple and her adopted sister Winter Bell have been locked down together. As they do laundry together, they commiserate about how much they miss dick. Chloe points out that they have a stepbrother, Jay Romero. The girls laugh about it, but now that Chloe has the idea in her head she decides to take some action. She inquires about Jay’s reaction to the lockdown. Winter notices Chloe’s antics. She wants a piece of the action, so she sits down next to Jay and insists that he rub her back while she removes her shirt. Jay is perplexed, but he gives Winter her wish. Winter isn’t going to steal Chloe’s thunder, so the next thing Jay knows, Chloe is flashing him her tits and pointing him how much superior hers are.

The females are now in a full-fledged competition, as they individually display Jay their asses and instruct him to pick the best one. Winter mocks Chloe’s bush, and Chloe points out that her pussy is considerably hotter than Winter’s naked twat, escalating the situation. Jay simply wants both females to cut it out, but none of them gives a damn about what he thinks. They’re more interested in figuring out who can get into Jay’s trousers the fastest. When Chloe discovers Jay’s hardon, she goes for it regardless of what Jay or Winter think. Winter is right there with Chloe, and before Jay realizes it, both of his sisters have ripped out their dicks and are licking and stroking one other.

The girls’ rivalry grows until they forsake their double BJs to each attempt to fuck Jay so he can tell them who is the best banger. Jay gives Chloe the first ride on his fuck stick. Winter jumps on when she exits to take her brother on a ride. Chloe starts masturbating as soon as she sees Winter fucking Jay. Jay then convinces both ladies to form a double pussy stack, with Winter on top of Chloe, so he can give it to them both from behind. The girls then roll over onto their backs, resting side by side with their legs spread wide while Jay savors their glistening charms. When he coughs, it’s to offer Chloe a creampie, which Winter joyfully consumes while snowballing with her sister.

Pornstar: Chloe TempleWinter Bell

Release Date: Jul 17, 2020


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