Chloe Temple

Wed Or Undead

Tyler Cruise, Liz’s stepbrother, enters the room as Liz Jordan and Chloe Temple are arguing and inquires as to what is going on. Both of the girls claim they want to wed him. Tyler inquires for further explanation and the girls attempt to clarify that it’s for a dance where they must either be brides

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Stepsisters New Vibrator

There is a new stepdad and stepbrother for Chloe Temple. Chloe is quite interested in her new stepdad. Today, Chloe finds a thoughtfully wrapped assortment of vibrators waiting for her as she awakens from her slumber. Never one to turn down a sensual present, Chloe accepts one and starts using it right once. Chloe tugs

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Grandmothers Underwear

Alex Mack is Chloe Temple’s new stepbrother as a result of her mother’s recent second marriage. When Chloe’s best friend Andi Rose inquires about it, she responds that Alex is reserved and silent. She adds that Alex and Grandma have been going missing a lot at the same time and that her grandma is visiting.

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Stepsisters Panties

Tony Lovelock has a bad habit of sneaking into the washing room and sniffing his stepsister’s soiled underwear. Tony walks out of her bedroom wearing her pants instead of his mask, and Chloe Temple is ignorant of her stepbrother’s habit of getting into her soiled clothes. Chloe chastises him for smelling her pussy and then

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I Want To Suck It First

Chloe Temple and her adopted sister Winter Bell have been locked down together. As they do laundry together, they commiserate about how much they miss dick. Chloe points out that they have a stepbrother, Jay Romero. The girls laugh about it, but now that Chloe has the idea in her head she decides to take

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Step Sister Competition

Instead of their adopted sister, Macy Meadows, Chloe Temple wants her stepbrother, Jason, to take her to the fair. The girls fight about who will be the one to depart. Chloe believes she has an advantage over Macy since she offers Jason fruit, but Macy is well aware that Jason is just interested in sex.

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Sister Nurse

Chloe Temple and her friend Kyler Quinn talk about their upcoming nursing exam while dressed in scrubs. Chloe believes getting her handsome stepbrother, Jake Adams, to flaunt his dick in the name of academics would be hilarious. Jake is apprehensive at first, but the ladies ultimately get him to undress. Chloe can’t keep her hands

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