Wed Or Undead

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Tyler Cruise, Liz’s stepbrother, enters the room as Liz Jordan and Chloe Temple are arguing and inquires as to what is going on. Both of the girls claim they want to wed him. Tyler inquires for further explanation and the girls attempt to clarify that it’s for a dance where they must either be brides or zombies. They both oppose becoming zombies. They leave it at that as Tyler doesn’t understand.

Later, the girls trap Tyler in his bedroom and demand that he make a decision while decked up as seductive brides in lingerie, garters, and veils. Each one declares what they would do for Tyler if they were to become his bride. The next thing he knows, Liz and Chloe are sharing his cock during a double blowjob after pushing him down. They decide to join the stiffie train as Tyler is still unable to pick between the girls.

Chloe rides first, with Liz standing next to her nibbling on her tits. In reverse cowgirl, Liz steps in for her BFF. She then rolls over so Chloe can kneel between her thighs and her out as Tyler beats Chloe in the dog. Liz moves forward, squeezing Tyler’s fuck stick between her lengthy legs. In time for Liz to beg him to cum all over her, he pulls over. Tyler can have two wives for the dance, the three of them agree.

Pornstar: Chloe TempleLiz Jordan

Release Date: Oct 21, 2022


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