Graduation Day

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Kenzie Madison (step sis) and Kyle Mason (step bro). The scene opens with bro and sis in the living room at the start of a new school year, with sis angry because bro will be attending the same school as her. She informs Bro that he is going to disgrace her by telling her that he is stupid and will never graduate. Bro is insulted, and they wager that if he graduates on time, he will be able to fuck her. Three years later, they are both thrilled for graduation day, and Bro brings up the bet they made.

Sis forgot and says, “No way, bro, I’m fucking you.” Bro adds, “A bet is a bet, and she’s a welch.” After some teasing, sis offers to make bro cum with a handle, but she won’t fuck him and they can call it even. After a while of handling, bro still can’t climax, so we resort to bj, which leads to sex.

Kenzie Madison is a few years older than her stepbrother Kyle Mason, and she is dissatisfied when he begins attending her school. She wagers with Kyle that he will never graduate, threatening to screw him if he does. Kyle has completed his degree three years later and is ready to fulfill his stepsis’ vow. Kyle coaxes Kenzie into making him come with a handie after she conveniently forgets about their bet. Kenzie agrees to start stroking when he pulls out his dick.

Kenzie enjoys the thickness of her brother’s enormous dick, even if she doesn’t like to acknowledge it. Kyle tells Kenzie to start sucking him off right away if he doesn’t cum straight away. This time it takes less effort for him to feel his stepsis’s hot lips around his large manhood. Kyle realizes that even Kenzie’s deep throat cock swallowing won’t get him off, so he tells her that he’ll have to fuck her so he can cum as she promised. Kenzie agrees to let him thrash her like a doggy-style position.

Kenzie claimed she wasn’t interested at first, but now that she’s had Kyle’s enormous stiffie within her, she’s really into it! Kyle punches her in the back till his stepsister squeals. Then he sits on the couch with her titties jiggling in his face, allowing her to ride his cock. Kenzie turns around and continues riding Kyle while letting him enjoy her scorching butt. Kenzie watches as Kyle bangs her till he’s on the point of cumming while lying back on the couch with her thigh apart. He pulls out at the last minute, exactly as he was told, coating his stepsis in jizz.

Pornstar: Kenzie Madison

Release Date: Sep 13, 2019


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