I Bet Youre Wet

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Logan Long has two broken limbs, and his sister, Ms Faris, has been sent to assist him. Logan pretends to be filthy and requests a sponge wash. Ms Faris is repulsed by this, but her friend Chloe Cherry appears to be fine with helping Logan. Chloe notices that Logan’s underwear needs to be washed as well, so she pulls his PJs down to get started. Logan’s dick is enormous, she can’t believe it! From all the attention, he eventually pops a boner. Ms Faris takes a peek and notices her stepbro’s hardon size. Chloe can’t believe such a large dick isn’t getting Ms Faris wet, so she had to see for herself. Ms Faris allows her by lifting her miniskirt and pushing her panties aside.

Ms Faris is described as “wet” by Chloe, who then declares that she will try out this lovely dick even if Ms Faris is not interested. She takes a step forward and begins sucking! Ms Faris eventually gets tired of being ignored and joins Chloe on the bed to unwillingly give Logan a handie. Her stepbrother does have a lovely cock, she has to admit. Chloe had pulled off her clothing and put her hairy twat down onto Logan’s dick so she may ride it, according to Ms Faris! Ms Faris resists once again, but she can’t tolerate the thought of her buddy having joy with such a lovely stiffie. She eventually strips down and joins in the fun.

Ms Faris rides Chloe’s mouth at first, as Chloe smacks her stepbro. Then she hops on Logan’s fuck stick and sits astride his face so he can devour her alive. The girls trade places so Chloe can reclaim her stiffie and Logan may experience his stepsister’s longing. The girls give Logan a double BJ till he nuts into both of their open mouths once they’ve pleased themselves. Logan is filthy and has to be cleansed by Chloe again now that he’s had some sexual satisfaction.

Pornstar: Chloe CherryMs Faris

Release Date: Jul 19, 2019


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