Stepsister Makes Nude Model For Brother

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When the model he had hired for his photo job cancels, Bambino is distraught, but manages to persuade his stepsister Kara Faux to intervene at the last minute. Kara’s only stipulation is that she must model in her underwear. Her brother asks her to take off her bra and thong, which makes the girl furious.

Kara doesn’t take long to give in to her brother’s whims and gets naked in front of him. Even modeling completely nude, Bambino is not satisfied with what he sees. He wants her to be more daring when it comes to posing nude for the photograph. So he offers to finger Kara’s bare pussy in exchange for making her more naughty. He pulls his cock erect and thrusts into her while she’s not looking. She quickly agrees that they should continue, when she finds out that Bambino is actually having sex with her.

Watching Bambino thrust into her is really exciting, and soon Kara starts riding her stepbrother’s cock so hard that her tits shake. Just then Kara climaxes, her whole body trembling with so much pleasure. Finally Kara kneels down and alternately strokes and sucks until Bambino gives his Latina step-sister a facial.

Pornstar: Kara Faux

Release Date: Jun 9, 2017


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