This Is Not A Training Bra

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Lilly Larimar and her buddy Kyler Quinn are trying to remain in shape, so they meet up in Lilly’s bedroom a few times a week to perform yoga. As they stretch, the females are clad in sports bras and leggings. When Codey Steele, Lilly’s stepbrother, sees the girls doing their thing, he decides to mock them about their little boobs by dubbing their sports bras training bras. Instead of being insulted, the females take advantage of the chance to show off their little boobs to Codey.

Codey gets a hardon just looking at them. Kyler crawls across her yoga mat to pop the boner out when she notices Codey is erect. She immediately begins sucking after opening her mouth wide. Lilly is disgusted by the way her buddy and stepbrother are going about it at first, but when Codey starts kissing Kyler’s twat and then shoves his dick into her hairless twat, Lilly realizes it’s hotter than she thought. As she watches Kyler have her pussy pummeled, she can’t help but masturbate.

Kyler is more than willing to share. She assists Lilly into getting down on her hands and knees so Codey can fuck her in doggy. They put Codey down and position themselves on top of him since the two females are specialists at sharing. Lilly makes sure Kyler is impaled neatly on the D before climbing onto Codey’s face and riding his lips. The ladies switch places, with Lilly riding on Codey’s fuck stick in reverse cowgirl mode as Kyler does some face sitting. When the females are satisfied, they go down on their knees and work together to suck Codey. He puts it into their open lips, leaving them with a salty snack.

Pornstar: Kyler QuinnLily Larimar

Release Date: Jan 22, 2021


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