My Stepsisters Ass In A Box

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On the ground, Jay Romero is perusing Christmas gifts. He is discovered by his stepsister Molly Little and her friend Katie Kush, who start to play pranks on him. They inform him that while there is a special present for him, it won’t be placed under the tree for some time. For Jay’s return, the girls have just finished packing Molly’s behind into a box. He really enjoys having his ass in a box!

Katie urges Jay to fuck Molly after they both agree that it would be very exciting for him to do so. As he did with his stepsis in a dog, Jay continues to believe it to be a false booty and pussy. As Jay keeps Molly’s party going, Katie pulls out her tan-lined titties and makes out with him. As soon as Molly begins to groan from her climax, Katie removes the blanket that has been covering her and tells Jay that he has been having an affair with his stepsister all along.

Even if the gig is ended, the celebration continues. The girls get down on their knees and give Jay a double BJ. After that, Katie ascends to ride Jay’s fuck stick in cowgirl fashion. The females lay down together in a pussy feast for Jay to bang after balancing out their climaxes. Jay pulls out just in time to grant Molly’s request to cover her in cum. Before giving her BFF a long, passionate kiss, Katie suctions the tip and licks some of the jizz from Molly’s stomach.

Pornstar: Katie KushMolly Little

Release Date: Dec 23, 2022


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