A Lesson For My Stepsister

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Shorty horny Samantha Juan Loco’s stepbrother Lexi is making fun of him by preventing him from using the restroom. She says she doesn’t actually need to use the restroom and plans to wait until it is finished coming out as she sits on the toilet. Samantha gives Juan a potted plant when he starts to panic and holds his dick while he pees in it. When he’s finished, Samantha admits she never even needed to urinate, then bolts off.

Samantha later confronts Juan in his bedroom and sits on his lap. Her shirt pulls off when he knocks her off, revealing her dark areolas. Since Samantha’s main objective is to see Juan’s dick once again, she doesn’t mind. She opens wide and begins sucking as soon as she gets her hands on the goods. Juan doesn’t hesitate to accept the blows from his gorgeous Latina stepsister as he stands there and doesn’t dispute them.

Samantha bends down and motions for Ricky to slide it in through the dog. Then, with her head tilted back in enjoyment at the way he makes her tremble, she mounts Juan in reverse cowgirl fashion. Samantha gets the chance to dictate the pace once again when she turns around for some cowgirl action. She does this by bending forward and shoving her boobs in Juan’s face while her booty continues to bounce. In order to get Juan to give it to her one final time before pulling away to jizz all over her tummy, Samantha spreads her thighs out on her back.

Pornstar: Samantha Lexi

Release Date: Aug 5, 2022


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