Be Nice To Brother

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Jane Wilde is a snarky adolescent who enjoys bossing around her stepbrother Oliver Flynn. Oliver must bring her breakfast, according to the teen temptress. Oliver’s father, Brad Newman, tries to intervene by telling Jane that she must be polite to her stepbrother or risk losing her driver’s license, but Oliver resists and stands up to her. The next time Jane asks Oliver to help her with her duties, he offers to do it in exchange for a handjob.

Jane’s little hand excels at stroking Oliver’s erect dick, despite her reluctance. He persuades her to lean forward and begin sucking the tip, which she reluctantly complies to. Jane’s efforts eventually pay off when her stepbro fills her lips with come so she may swallow it. Despite Oliver’s increasing reluctance to Jane’s requests, she still asks him to do her laundry. He stands firm, telling her to fuck her that he’ll do whatever she wants if she bends over. Jane accepts, but only if he fucks her in a dog-like manner.

Jane climbs onto the bed and lets Oliver fondle her clit and pull her pants down. She smooths some lubrication onto her twat, then watches in awe as Oliver’s enormous dick fills her up to the brim and fucks her till she cums. Jane flips over and defies her own rule by allowing Oliver to hit her while she watches him go to work. To keep her stepfather from busting them, she pulls a blanket over Oliver’s head, then continues to fuck her stepbrother till he pops a nut in her tight little twat, catching them both in the ensuing uproar.

Pornstar: Jane Wilde

Release Date: Nov 23, 2018



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