Alice March Is Obsessed With Her Stepbrother

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Logan Pierce, Alice March’s step-brother, is caught by his teenage sister, looking at provocative outfits to offer on their mother’s birthday. She takes Logan’s phone and pulls up some porn for him to watch, before offering to suck her stepbrother’s cock. She seals her swollen lips over her brother’s erection, then ends up pulling his cock out of his pants and then starts sucking and stroking until she has a mouth full of hot cum.

Obsessed With Her Stepbrother

Later, Alice discovers Logan studying and is determined to get him to focus on her rather than his textbook. She shows her little titties with their puffy nipples and her bare twat as she pulls her robe back. Brother can’t stop himself from running his fingers up and down her slippery slit, and she soon finds himself indulging in yet another blowjob. He drops his protests when Alice comes into his lap and slips down onto his fuck stick.

Pussy pounding

Turning around so Logan can appreciate her heart-shaped butt, Alice fucks him while bouncing her booty. Then she bends forward with one knee on the table, inviting herself to him so he may fuck her from behind till she cums! Alice is flipped onto her back and given another round of pussy pounding by Logan, who is on the verge of exploding. He covers his stepsister’s belly and twats in a hot jizz as he pulls away.

Pornstar: Alice March

Release Date: Jun 16, 2017


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