Stuck It In My Step Sister

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In private, Alina Lopez and her friend Kyler Quinn gossip about Alina’s stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, while taking sensual pictures. They take out their tits and begin shooting pictures to give to their partners. Nathan would be attractive, according to the females, if he changed everything about himself. Kyler goes out to rape her lover after another round of selfies. When her buddy departs, Alina continues to take photos with her boobs exposed. When she drops her phone, she had just flashed her pussy for the camera. It rolls under the bed, and Alina becomes caught trying to recover it.

Alina summons assistance as she hears someone in the corridor. She assumes it’s her boyfriend because he’ll be there any minute, but it’s actually her stepbrother. Nathan has never seen his sister in such a compromising position and finds it really appealing. Nathan takes Alina’s word for it and slides it in when she says he can fuck her if he has to. Alina is full of comments for how nice it feels despite not knowing who is hitting her. When Nathan talks, Alina knows it’s her stepbrother’s cock within her. He hesitantly gets her out from beneath the bed when she requests him to.

Alina is angry, but she’s also conflicted because Nathan has a pretty good dick. She determines that they should continue what they’ve started. Alina implores Nathan to approach her so she may climb onto the bed and lick her pussy secretions from his fuck stick. Nathan lunges forward to run down his sister’s slippery pussy while she is sucking him off. When Alina lies onto her back and opens her thighs to welcome him in, he eventually decides to keep banging because she makes a strong case for it. Alina crawls on top of Nathan and bangs against his hardon, continuing their rough and tumble affair. Alina encourages Nathan to cum for her while riding Nathan so hard that her bottom hits his balls. He misunderstands, rummaging through her for a creampie, leaving them both uncomfortable about their brother/sister experience.

Pornstar: Alina Lopez

Release Date: Dec 27, 2019


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