Stepsister Is Home Alone

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Both Molly Little and Ricky Spanish are still adjusting to their new step-sibling relationship. Ricky can’t help but notice how attractive and beautiful his new stepsister is, as well as how she likes to dress. For her part, Molly finds this new, attractive guy who lives with her to be fascinating. Molly admits that she longs for the days when it was just her and her father and he never came home.

Ricky instantly realizes that Molly is hinting that she used to engage in a lot of house-related masturbation. He explains to her that since both of his parents are employed and he will be starting college this week, Molly will still have the house to herself. Ricky’s term is accepted by Molly, who gleefully refers to her Rabbit vibrator as her big brother and settles down on the couch with it. Ricky is still at home when Molly leaves and remains there long enough to see Molly finish. Upon realizing Ricky is present, Molly requests that he stay because her pussy is still throbbing. That gives Ricky enough motivation to start sucking his new stepsister’s pussy.

Molly then demands that Ricky fuck her. How is he going to reject that? He whips out his dick and thrusts it into Molly’s exposed twat. Ricky enjoys listening to her groans. The moment Molly puts Ricky on his back and starts sucking his fuck stick is even amazing. That’s a prelude to Molly stepping up onto Ricky’s lap and straddling his legs for a stiff ride. As she turns around, the lusty spinner uses strong bounces to continue their celebration. Ricky kills Molly in the doghouse before backing up to blow his nut all over her behind. Molly grins and giggles as she confesses that she prefers spending time with Ricky over being at home by herself.

Pornstar: Molly Little

Release Date: Sep 23, 2022


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